The "Achilles" Type Freighter is a space vessel of unknown class manufactered by Luigi Mendoza et Cle at Zanzibar Station orbiting Deneb IV.

Designed primarily for moving cargo between stations, the "Achilles" Type Freighter has no atmospheric capability and generally stays outside a station while it's cargo modules are transferred by tender to and from the station's cargo bays.

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  • Achilles: The Achilles was an Earth Alliance freighter. In 2258, the Achilles detected Raiders heading toward Babylon 5 in Grid Epsilon. The Achilles sent out a distress call, which was answered by Babylon 5. The Achilles was left alone, when the Delta Squadron arrived, because the attack was a diversion against Babylon 5. [1]
  • Dionysus: The Dionysus was an Earth Alliance transport. In 2260, the Dionysus was on a holding pattern near Babylon 5 for two hours. [2]
  • Red Star 9: In 2262 Red Star 9 was delivering a shipment of illegal supplies to the Drazi homeworld, when it was destroyed by Centauri warships under Drakh control. No one survived except the pilot Brannagan, who ejected in an escape pod.[3]
  • Valjean: In 2266, Dureena Nafeel was a passenger on the Valjean when it docked at Babylon 5.[4]
  • Unnamed Transport: Captained by David Slayner. In 2259, Lyta Alexander hired Slayner's ship to take her from Mars to Vorlon space. Taking her as far as the border of the Vorlon Empire, 10 days from the nearest Jumpgate began sending out a continuous signal inviting the Vorlons to appear. After three days the Vorlons still hadn't shown so Slayner decided to turn back. At which point, Lyta commandeered a life pod in exchange for the last of her money and ejected into space, leaving her there with only five days of air, food and water. Slayner would eventually send an account of his journey to IPX.[5][6]


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