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The "White Star" Type Commercial Transport is a space vessel of unknown class manufactered by M'Gede Technologies located at Gagarin Station orbiting Earth.

Although this type of ship is not so fast, it is widely used by independent traders and merchants mainly due to its good combination of cargo and passenger space.

Known Vessels[]

  • White Star: The Commercial Transport White Star docked in in Bay 5, aboard Babylon 5 in 2258. Among its passengers were former boxing star Walker Smith and Rabbi Yossel Koslov[1]
  • Transport 11719: In 2262, Transport 11719 was leaving Babylon 5, when a computer navigation failure on the transport prompted the vessel's crew to try and leave the station on their own, but the vessel collided with the outer bay doors. The vessel was destroyed.[2]
  • Crystal Cavern: In 2259, the Crystal Cavern a private liner owned by the techno-mages, arrived at Babylon 5 to gather more techno-mages for their trip beyond the Rim. The Crystal Cavern left Babylon 5 after gathering over a hundred techno-mages. Captain John Sheridan watched them leave from C'n'C.[3]
  • Marie Celeste: In 2258, the Earthforce liner Marie Celeste left Babylon 5. Thomas Jordan left on the Marie Celeste.[4] In 2259, the Marie Celeste arrived at Babylon 5 from Earth with Frederick Lantze as a passenger.[5]
  • Vancori: In 2258, the Vancori docked at Babylon 5.[6]


  • Several variants of this vessel appeared on-screen, which differs at least in dimensions and capability of carrying auxialiary crafts like shuttles.


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