The Babylon Project

The "visitor" race was an unnamed alien species in the Eridani Sector.

A secret agency had been lying to their people and fabricating false information about aliens in order to divert people's attention away from their domestic problems and prevent civil wars.

In 2267, three "visitors" were encountered by the Excalibur. Two of them, Durkani and Lyssa were trying to encounter these aliens in deep space, to finally reveal the conspiracy to their population. Gideon offers to hear his story that humans have been interfering with their world. Durkani, hearing his words, believes that the captain really doesn't know about any interference.

Manipulated probe image and note in "visitor" script

Bringing with him pictures and objects, he explains how and why his government has been covering up alien interference. Durkani was surprised when Gideon recognized the objects and the familiarity of the story, but was completely unaware of any involvement with their world.

Kendarr, part of the secret agency, arrived on the ship to apprehend them. Gideon allowed the fugitives to leave, which Kendarr remarked that if they told anyone about what they saw on the Excalibur that no one would believe them. Then, after Gideon demanded it, he told him the truth about the government's conspiracy saying he wanted them alive to further his agency’s plans. He then left in his own spaceship.

It is not known what happened after Gideon revealed the truth to his people.[1]


  • The term "'visitor' race" is used here only as a descriptor as no official name for this race was ever mentioned.