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This is a list of events that occurred in 2200s:





  • On a hiking trip into the alps, Alfred Bester spots Lara Brazg at the train station and follows her to Paris in an attempt to capture her. Incapacitating a train guard who works for the underground, Bester follows her into Paris but is caught by Portis Nielson, an associate of Brazg's. Shot while escaping, Bester's Psi call for help brings the Psi Cops who have been looking for him, believing that he has gone rogue.[12]
  • Taken into custody by Dr. Sandoval Bey, Bester is transferred to hospital and when he is well enough, faces a tribunal headed by Director Johnston. Bester is put in Dr. Bey's charge who punishes him by having Bester stand on the parade ground outside every day as still as a statue. After the punishment period, Bey takes Bester under his wing and the two meet regularly, teaching Bester an appreciation of art, literature and music.[12]


  • With official approval, Bester is taken on a rogue hunt by Dr. Bey to track down Fatima Cristoban who has gone rogue from the Corps. They track her to Amsterdam and find that she has been raped and tortured by a mundane and dies before help can arrive. The man is arrested to stand trial. The next day, to distract themselves from the events of the previous night, Bester and Dr. Bey plan a trip around Amsterdam's historical sites before returning to Geneva.[12]
  • Birth of Herazade. [13]
  • Bester is called to see Director Johnston and is quizzed over his friendship with Dr. Bey and where his loyalties lay. Three days later Bey is found hanged. Believing Johnston to be behind Bey's death and despite rumours that Bey had been secretly helping rogue telepaths, Bester begins planning his revenge.[12][14]


  • To discourage a rebellion by the Narns, the Centauri bomb seven of their major cities for six straight days, thirty one hours a day. As a result the Narn (including a young G'Kar) spend their days in underground bomb shelters, praying, sleeping, eating and singing songs together.[16]
  • On Minbar, Delenn's father carries her on his shoulders every time they go to temple, so that she can see everything.[18]


  • Birth of David McIntyre, future gunnery sergeant of the EAS Prometheus.[19]
  • Birth of Justin Ackerman, future Telepath War criminal who worked at the notorious Amiento reeducation camp near Brasilia.[20]
  • In the last years of the Centauri Occupation of Narn, G'Kar and his parents live as servants in the household of a Centauri family living in G'Kamazad, unable to escape through the underground because G'Kar's mother is too ill. With the Resistance striking deep into Centauri resources, tensions were running high. One day G'Kar's father accidentally spilled a cup of hot Jala on the mistress of the house. She has him hung by his wrists from a Jalwah tree for three days, to die. Disobeying his mother's orders, on the third night G'Kar goes to his father. Before dying, he tells his son that he was proud of him and urged him to go and fight and be all the things he never was, that it was too late for him, but not too late for G'Kar. With his last breath he asks G'Kar to honor his name. The next morning G'Kar runs away and kills his first Centauri, eventually joining the resistance and fighting in the Narn war of liberation.[21][22][23][24]
  • While visiting Yedor with her family, Delenn is separated from her family and becomes lost. Finding herself in an old temple, Delenn feels safe and is certain that if she stays and waits for her parents that they will come for her. After several hours she eventually falls asleep. When she awakes she sees a vision of Valen, smiling down at her and bright against the darkness and tells her that if she believed then her parents will come for her, saying "I will not allow harm to come to my little ones here in my great house." Just then, the temple door opens and her parents come running in.[25]
  • Delenn's mother enters the Sisters of Valeria religious order, a great honor for her family. Between then and 2260 Delenn will see her mother again on only two occasions.[26]
  • Psi Corps cadets Bester, Montoya, Nhan and Vetsch are dropped into the remote plains of the Altai Federation for their final grade field test that took the form of a blip hunt. The group picked up the trail of their blip, eventually tracking him to the small town of Tuula. Later that night Bester and Montoya begin their love affair.[12]


  • Alfred Bester has his lover, Elizabeth Montoya, arrested and sent to a Psi Corps re-education camp after she confides in him her intention to leave the corps and escape to the outer worlds, asking him to come with her.[12]


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