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This is a list of events that occurred in 2220s:




Saturday, February 2nd, 2221


  • On Centauri Prime, Londo Mollari becomes fascinated with Centauri women, visiting all the best bars and entertainment centres. One day, while feeling angry with something, he sits stewing at a bar a Centauri dancer leans over to him and says "whatever it is, it can't be that bad" and kisses him on the forehead. Londo is so taken with her that he marries her that same day. Lying in bed with her, he would have rather chewed off his own arm rather than wake her up.[10]
  • When she does finally awake, he discovers she has a voice that, in his words, could curdle fresh milk. In spite of this he found that he loved her deeply; however, when Londo's family find out he had married beneath his station they tell him that unless he divorces her, he will be dead to them, losing the family title, position and money. He never forgets the look on his first wife's face when he tells her; from that night on, he is dead to her and Londo is dead inside.[11]
  • David Sheridan gives his son John his first piece of advice; " Never start a fight, but always finish it."[12]
  • Every Sunday, David Sheridan takes his wife and their two children Elizabeth and John out for a drive. David would ask them to pick a direction, one of them would point and off they would go. In the last days of his life, John would remember how fun it was to never know where they were going.[13]
  • Running down a group of Rogue Telepaths in New Zealand, Psi Cop Alfred Bester gets a lead on Stephen Walters. Following the lead to Mars, Bester takes charge of the raid against a Resistance hideout. A fatally wounded Walters confronts Bester with the truth of his true identity, Stephen Dexter, the son of Fiona and Matthew Dexter. In a fit of rage, Bester kills him and when he is found Bester is in a fugue. Thinking he has taken a mind burst his colleagues have him hospitalised. The doctors are unable to find a neurological reason for his left hand's paralysis and while he is held for observation, Bester performs his first Deathbed Scan.[14]
  • Because of their high genetic compatibility, Psi Corps arrange a meeting between Bester and Alisha Ross.[14]


  • A concerted effort by the Centauri almost crushes the Narn Resistance.[15]


  • Psi Cops Alfred Bester and Alisha Ross are married and honeymoon in Bali.[14]


Monday, May 25th, 2223




Sunday, December 10th, 2225



  • Elric establishes his place of power in the village of Lok, on the planet Soom. [22]



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