The Babylon Project

This is a list of events that occurred in the 2230s:


Wednesday , August 10, 2230



  • Battle of Balos: the Dilgar are finally defeated by the Earth Alliance and League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Dilgar War ends.
  • Jha'dur flees the Non Aligned sectors. She is secretly sheltered by the Wind Swords clan of the Minbari Warrior Caste.[5]
  • The Dilgar race becomes all but extinct when their sun goes supernova.
  • Turnbow "Large" first serves with his lifelong friend "Buffer".[6]
  • Iuripae Julina, renowned Centauri Xenochef dies from food poisoning.[7]



  • Elizabeth Lochley runs away from home to escape her father's alcoholism and begins sleeping rough and becoming a substance abuser herself. She meets fellow homeless girl Zoe and for a time the two live together in an old burnt out hotel. While the two form a close bond, Zoe's inner demons eventually catch up with her and one day Elizabeth comes home to find Zoe dead from an overdose. Distraught, Elizabeth calls her mother and 10 hours later her father turns up with half a dozen off-duty marines to take her home.[10]



  • Birth of Galen to two techno-mages. Elric is assigned by The Circle to monitor Galen's growth and development.[12][13]
  • Jeffrey Sinclair enlists in Earthforce Academy. While there he develops what would become a lifelong fascination with Tennyson's poem Ulysses.[14][15]
  • During the miners' strikes on Ganymede, the father of Neeoma Connoly is shot and killed. His death would inspire his daughter to spend her life fighting for worker's rights.[16]
  • Stephen Franklin makes his first trip on the Moon-Mars run. During the trip a friend of his fools around in one of the transport's airlock and accidentally opens the outer door to space and is killed. The sight of watching his friend being spaced while he is powerless to do anything will leave a deep impression on him, including an inability to see the funny side when he hears a joke about spacing someone.[17]


  • The Drazi Freehold upgrade the Sun-Hawks by adding a ship-portable particle beam weapon to complement the standard issue plasma cannons.[18]


  • Londo Mollari marries Timov, daughter of Algul, an arranged marriage.[19]
  • The Drazi Freehold acquire Centauri power and drive technology from the Narn Regime which they begin retrofitting into a few select Sun-Hawks.[18]
  • Earthforce's early cyber experiments culminate with the Lazarus Project, having failed to integrate healthy brain tissue with computer components they instead opt to experiment on near-death subjects such as accident victims, wounded soldiers and coma patients.[20]
  • John Sheridan and Elizabeth Lochley graduate from the Academy and marry immediately afterwards, though they divorce only three months later.
  • Ensign John Sheridan is assigned to the Moon-Mars Patrol, under Jack Maynard and the two become lifelong friends.[21]
Monday, April 15, 2239


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