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This is a list of events that occurred in 2258. Unless otherwise noted, the timing and sequence of events are taken from "The Babylon 5 Historical Database," published in Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5.



Narn Invade Ragesh 3

Narn starships invade Ragesh III.

  • Vir Cotto is assigned to Babylon 5 as Ambassador Londo Mollari's diplomatic attache.
  • The Narn attack and occupy the Centauri colony on Ragesh III.
  • The Narn Regime retreat from Ragesh III and abandon all claims to it (after it is discovered by Babylon 5 they have supplying weapons to the Raiders, a fact they wish to keep quiet).[2]
  • Luis Santiago is re-elected as President of Earth and her Colonies, defeating challenger Marie Crane.


  • Word spreads throughout Babylon 5 about how the commander risked his life to stop the threat.
  • Earthforce confiscates the Ikarran artifacts.
  • The Centauri agree to negotiate the Euphrates Treaty to settle a dispute with the Narn Regime over the Euphrates Sector.
  • Ko'Dath is assigned to Babylon 5 as Ambassador G'Kar's diplomatic attache. Londo Mollari's Purple files are stolen by Adira Tyree.
  • Andrei Ivanov dies.
  • The Narn and Centauri end hostilities regarding the Euphrates Sector.[5]
  • Ko'Dath, Ambasador G'Kar's aide is killed in an airlock accident.
  • Counselor Du'Rog of the Kha'ri dies. In his last will and testament, he hires Tu'Pari of the Thenta Makur to assassinate G'Kar.
  • Babylon 5 hosts a week long festival celebrating the dominant faiths of the different races on board.[6]
  • Na'Toth arrives to replace Ko'Dath
  • Lennier arrives to become aide to Satai Delenn
  • Ambassador G'Kar avoids the assassination attempt implemented by Du'Rog.


  • Their plan to assassinate the four major alien ambassadors fails when it is discovered by Babylon 5 security.
  • Jacob Lester is found guilty of attacking the Minbari Embassy on Earth.
Monday, April 11th, 2258
Sunday, April 24th, 2258


  • The Dilgar war criminal Jha'dur, known as Deathwalker, is discovered aboard Babylon 5. A vote to put her on trial fails in the Council. Jha'dur is killed by the Vorlons soon afterwards.[13]


  • Draal replaces Varn at the heart of the Great Machine.[16]
  • A human who will eventually die as the result in a failed blending with a Vindrizi begins living in Downbelow. [17]


  • Babylon 4 reappears in Sector 14 after having disappeared four years earlier. Babylon 5 assists in evacuating the crew before the station vanishes once again.[18]
  • Delenn turns down an offer of leadership for the Grey Council. She returns to Babylon 5 with one of the Triluminary.[18]


Wednesday August 3rd[]

  • Babylon 5 receives a distress call from a lone Starfury under attack by Raiders, though they are unable to launch a squadron before the fighter is destroyed.[19]
  • Mr. Morden arrives on the station and meets with several alien Ambassadors, including G'Kar, Londo Mollari and Delenn. Though he fails to avoid Ambassador Kosh.
  • Sinclair confides in Garibaldi what he's discovered about the events surrounding his missing 24 hours at the Battle of the Line.
  • Lord Kiro and Centauri prophetess Ladira arrive on the station to arrange the recovery of The Eye.
  • The freighter Achilles comes under attack from Raiders, Ivanova takes out Delta Wing to investigate.
  • While in possession of The Eye, Lord Kiro is kidnapped by Raiders who attack the station en mass.
  • Ivanova and Delta Wing returns to Babylon 5 and helps finish off the Raiders.
  • The Raiders holding Lord Kiro escape aboard a Raider battlewagon.
  • A mysterious ship destroys the Raider battlewagon and recovers The Eye.
  • Morden returns The Eye to Londo as a gift.
  • Sinclair discovers he was chosen as station commander at the specific request of the Minbari Federation.
  • Centauri prophetess Ladira has a vision of Babylon 5's destruction.
  • Rabbi Koslav arrives on Babylon 5 to speak with Susan Ivanova about her father's death.
  • He helps her arrange "shiva" for him shortly afterwards.[20]


  • Mueller escapes from custody and is killed by Dr. Laura Rosen.
  • Dr. Rosen is exonerated in the killing of Karl Mueller.


  • Narn war ships begin to harass Centauri trading vessels in Quadrant 37.



  • The Narn Regime announces they will no longer abide by their treaty with the Centauri Republic regarding Quadrant 37.


  • Michael Garibaldi uncovers a plot to assassinate the President, and is shot in the back, leaving him near death.
  • A Narn outpost in Quadrant 37 is completely wiped out, resulting in the deaths of over 10,000 Narns.