This is a list of events that occurred in 2259. Unless otherwise noted, the timing and sequence of events are taken from "The Babylon 5 Historical Database," published in Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5.




EarthForce One Explosion

Earthforce One explodes over Io.



  • The Trigati is sighted in Earth Alliance space. It will be seen again over the next several days.
  • Sinclair arrives at Earth [3]





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  • Ambassador Sinclair leaves Earth for Minbar aboard the cruiser Solaris. [8]


  • Under orders of President Clark, Garibaldi's aide is transported back to Earth. En route, the transport carrying him vanishes, along with all the proof collected by station personnel.


  • Lord Refa meets with Ambassador Mollari, thanking him for dealing with Quadrant 37 on December 31st.
  • Just as Refa leaves the station, a group of techno-mages, led by Elric, arrive and begin meeting in Downbelow. Mollari tries to wrangle an endorsement out them to cement his new position in the Republic.
  • The Drazi begin fighting with one another, based on those wearing green and purple sashes. As part of her first diplomatic duty, Commander Ivanova is assigned by Sheridan to find a solution to the conflict.[9]


  • The Drazi conflict comes to an end when Ivanova becomes "Green Leader." She stops the fighting by taking all of the Green Drazi and having their sashes dyed purple.[9]









  • Bester arrives on Babylon 5 to shut down the underground railroad.[15]



  • Londo Mollari celebrates his thirtieth anniversary of his Day of Ascension by divorcing two of his three wives. He is nearly killed during the festivities.[16]



  • The Sh'lassen Triumvirate appeals to Babylon 5 for assistance with a rebellion. Captain Sheridan is ordered to turn down their request.[18]


  • Centauri Emperor Turhan arrives on Babylon 5, intending to seal the rift between his people and the Narn before his death. Shortly into his visit, he collapses and is rushed to the Medlab facility. He gets Dr. Franklin to pass along his message of apology to G'Kar.




  • A week after the Sh'lassen Triumvirate request for help with a rebellion was turned down, General Richard Franklin arrives on Babylon 5 with 25,000 Earthforce Marines on a secret mission to Akdor to assist the Triumvirate.
  • Babylon 5 receives a major upgrade to its Defense Grid.
  • Franklin's mission is made public as he departs the station.


  • Ta'Lon and several others are abducted by the Streib.
  • Captain Sheridan is abducted by the Streib. Delenn is stripped of her title and position on the Grey Council.
  • General Hague visits Babylon 5. Kosh gives Sheridan a vision before he and Ta'Lon are rescued by the EAS Agamemnon and fighters from Babylon 5.[20]
  • Sheridan informs Susan Ivanova, Michael Garibaldi, and Stephen Franklin about his part in a conspiracy to expose President Morgan Clark. All three join him.
  • While Sheridan, Delenn and Ivanova are away from the station during the Streib situation, Catherine Sakai returns to Babylon 5 after spending several months out on the Rim and is surprised to find that Sinclair is no longer on the station. She eventually finds Michael Garibaldi who provides her with travel documents, left for her by Delenn so she can come to Minbar and reunite with Sinclair. [21]
  • Dr. Jacobs leaves the station safely after some help from Ambassador Kosh.




  • ISN's broadcasts an episode of 36 Hours that features a recent visit by the news network crew to Babylon 5[24]






  • Lyta Alexander arrives on Babylon 5 warning of a traitor on the station: Psi Corps had implanted a "sleeper personality" on someone aboard.[26]


  • Susan Ivanova confesses to Captain Sheridan that she is a latent telepath. Talia Winters is proven to have the hidden sleeper personality. She effectively dies when the Control personality asserts itself.[27]


  • Londo Mollari returns to Babylon 5 to announce the Narn surrender. Captain Sheridan grants G'Kar request for sanctuary. Sheridan is introduced to the Rangers and assumes joint command.[29]




  • Images from Keffer's Starfury camera are broadcast on ISN. The broadcast is pulled off the air and the footage is turned over to EarthForce Special Intelligence Research Division for study [32]


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