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This is a list of events that occurred in 2260. Unless otherwise noted, the timing and sequence of events are taken from "The Babylon 5 Historical Database," published in Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5.




  • The blockade at Zagros VII is lifted by the White Star. The Markab Jumpgate is destroyed.


  • Brother Theo and his monks come aboard Babylon 5 and apply for permanent resident status.
  • A series of bombs rock Babylon 5. The perpetrator is revealed to be Robert Carlson, who is apprehended before he can detonate a bomb in the reactor core.



  • General William Hague starts a coup against Clark's loyalist forces in the wake of the declaration of martial law. Captain John Sheridan reads the declaration over the Babcom public address system. Nightwatch takes over security of Babylon 5 and instigates a riot.[4]


  • Early in the morning, members of Nightwatch are led in to a trap where they are arrested for failing to obey the proper chain of command. G'Kar brings in the station's Narn population to fill the gap in station security.


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  • The Shadows begin attacking openly, no longer hiding.[8]



  • Cpt. Sheridan convinces Kosh to have the Vorlons intercede directly, prompting a battle in which a Vorlon armada destroys a Shadow fleet.[8]
  • Adira Tyree is poisoned by Morden and dies.


  • Kosh is killed on Babylon 5 by the Shadows.[9]







  • With two Gaim thermonuclear devices aboard White Star 1, John and Anna Sheridan leave Babylon 5 for Z'ha'dum.[13]


  • In the wake of Captain Sheridan's disappearance, Commander Ivanova is unable to sleep. Remembering what her father Andrei told her about The Hour of the Wolf, she begins taking small drinks of vodka to help her sleep [14]


  • Sheridan brings White Star 1 down onto a Shadow city on Z'ha'Dum, destroying it in a thermonuclear blast. He is presumed dead last seen jumping into a deep crevice.[15]
  • Security Chief Garibaldi's Starfury is captured by one of the retreating Shadow vessels [16]


  • The League governments who were signatories to the Babylon Treaty withdraw most of their ships to bolster the defences around their own home worlds [17]


Alternate Timeline[]

  • In an alternate version of 2260, the Shadows attack Babylon 5 on August 20th. After Sheridan is killed, Susan Ivanova sends out a distress call from C'n'C before she is also killed, while Sinclair is with Garibaldi who rigs the fusion reactor to blow and stays to cover Sinclair's escape before the station is destroyed. Only one ship escapes the station's destruction.[19][20][21]


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