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This is a list of events that occurred in 2261. Unless otherwise noted, the timing and sequence of events are taken from "The Babylon 5 Historical Database," published in Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5.



  • On the return journey from Z'ha'dum, believing Captain Sheridan now dead, Delenn begins fasting to purify and cleanse herself as part of the Minbari grieving process. [1]
  • G'Kar leaves Babylon 5 to try and locate Michael Garibaldi, missing since December 25


  • Marcus Cole tracks down G'Kar on a remote colony world, offering to help find Garibaldi. After a few hours, G'Kar insists Cole return to Babylon 5 to help from that end.[2]


  • Delenn organizes the Rangers to rally at Babylon 5, preparing for one all out strike against Z'ha'dum.[3]
  • G'Kar is captured and taken to Centauri Prime. Mollari meets with him in his cell with a plot to assassinate Emperor Cartagia. Mollari agrees to liberate Narn if G'kar helps.
  • Sheridan "dies completely" on Z'ha'dum and is restored to life by Lorien.



  • Zack Allan discovers a lead on Garibaldi. He takes a fighter wing and a shuttle and successfully rescues Garibaldi, bringing him back to Babylon 5.[5]
  • Lyta Alexander confronts Ulkesh about the Vorlons' plans.


  • Garibaldi awakens on Babylon 5. Ivanova and Cole discover a Vorlon fleet in a hidden pocket of Hyperspace.
  • The League organize a protest of Delenn's attack plan in the Zocalo. Captain John Sheridan returns to Babylon 5 with Lorien, rallying the League to stand with him. Ivanova and Cole explain about the Vorlon fleet, which Alexander confirms.


  • Emperor Cartagia, Londo Mollari, Vir Cotto, and G'Kar depart Centauri Prime for Narn. Cartagia orders G'Kar's left eye put out.[6]


  • Emperor Cartagia, Londo Mollari, Vir Cotto, G'Kar, and the Centauri Royal Court arrive on Narn.[7]


  • Death of Emperor Cartagia. The Centauri Republic announces a withdrawal from Narn and begins to implement it. Londo Mollari is named Prime Minister of the Republic.[8]




  • ISN arrives on Babylon 5 to conduct a special "unbiased" report.[10]



  • ISN airs its special report regarding Babylon 5.[11]



  • Delenn is recalled to Minbar by her clan who wish to examine her relationship with Sheridan.[13]










  • The Mars Resistance makes its final preparations to strike against targets on Mars while Captain Sheridan prepares to take the rebel fleet to the Sol system.



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