This is a list of events that occurred in 2266.



  • Galen contacts a Drazi explorer and directs him to Daltron 7 and wait for others he will send[1]


  • The Drakh devastate Daltron 7 with their test of the Shadows Death Cloud. Galen contacts President Sheridan and shows him the result of the test[2]


  • Galen contacts Leonard Anderson and shows him the result of the test on Daltron 7 and an image of President Sheridan who is waiting at Babylon 5. The Drazi explorer evades capture by the Drakh, and hides a data crystal recording of the events in a pouch under his arm. He sets up a distress beacon before he found and killed by the Drakh.[3]

Tuesday, December 25th, 2266 Edit

  • Matthew Gideon is ordered to return to Earth to help stop the impending Drakh attack.

Friday, December 28th, 2266 Edit


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