This is a list of events that occurred in the 2300s and beyond:


  • (Possible Future): According to Galen, Emperor Dius Vintari decides that his plan to bring the Centauri Republic back to its former glory requires the elimination of Earth and so launches a devastating assault with a thousand vast war machines, each of them armed with terrible engines of destruction.[1]

Circa 2336




  • January 2
On the 500th Anniversary of the founding of the Interstellar Alliance, Daniel, at the behest of Politdivision Central creates holographic simulations of John Sheridan, Delenn, Stephen Franklin, and Michael Garibaldi. His intent is to create a series of reverse-correct infospeak vids that de-construct the historical figures revered by the prole sector and supports current changes in Earth policy. The Simulation of Garibaldi hacks the computer system an broadcasts his conversation with Daniel, alerting the ISA loyalist faction to the separatist plans to simultaneously strike at the outer-world colonies and the opposing nations on Earth. The loyalists launch an immediate pre-emptive strike, setting in motion the Second Earth Alliance Civil War and the Great Burn.[3]




  • Earth is destroyed when Sol goes supernova. By this time, humans have evolved into Vorlon-like energy beings and may be living on the former Vorlon homeworld.[3]


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