The situation between the Alliance and the telepath colony continues to deteriorate when Bester arrives on the station. Mollari and G'Kar discover an old friend in the Centauri Royal Palace.



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"Well, with everyone now on the same side, perhaps you're planning to invade yourselves for a change. I find the idea curiously appealing. Once you've finished killing each other, we can plow under all the buildings and plant rows of flowers that spell out the words "too annoying to live" in letters big enough to be seen from space."

G'Kar to Londo

"We have to do it without killing a guard, without raising any alarms, and without anyone noticing that she is gone. For my next trick, I shall fly around the room under my own power."

Londo to G'Kar on freeing Na'Toth from prison.

"This one's dead. So is he. Bester?"
"Fine. A little depressed about the inflation rate and hemlines are going down again, but otherwise..."
"- Shut up!"

Zack Allan and Bester

"My people are in there. And several others just tried to kill me, but then, what family doesn't have its difficulties?"

Bester to Zack Allan

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  • During production, 'A Tragedy of Telepaths' was originally titled 'Cat and Mouse'.[1]


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