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Abba IV, also known by its native name "Ssumssha" is the fourth planet in the Abba System, located in Sector 16. It is home of the Abbai race and the Abbai Matriarchate.[1]

Despite being a significant power in the galactic forum, Ssumssha is a surprisingly agrarian world, with most Abbai preferring to live in small villages, mostly built around bodies of water and in fact there are only ten large cities on the entire planet. In 2262 the Abbai Matriarchate agreed to join the Interstellar Alliance on the condition that they could be guaranteed food shipments during winter months as Abba IV had suffered from recent weather troubles, leading to crop shortages. The Alliance arranged for a nearby Pak'ma'ra agricultural colony to help with relief supplies until a system of weather control technology could be installed.[2]


Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

(the following is from the Babylon 5 the Roleplaying Game's sourcebooks: The League of Non-Aligned Worlds Fact Book and the Galactic Guide)

Planetary Features and Statistics[]

  • Planet's Name = Abba II (aka, Ssumssha)
  • Diameter = 9,549 miles
  • Circumference = 30,000 miles
  • Moons = 1 (4,500 miles diam)
  • Gravity = 1.0 g
  • Weather Average = mild 50%, light storms (rain) 25%, light storms (mixed) 5%, severe storms (mixed) 20%
  • Equatorial Mean Temperature = 80 degrees F
  • Continents = island chains
  • Water Percentage = 90%
  • Population = 3.3 billion (95% urban, 5% rural or isolated communities)
  • Cities = Burisa (125 million), Tiumaa (110 million), Vin Vinas (capital), City of the Marti (government center), Ditalaa, Ventrish
  • Orbital Bases - 4 military, 10 monitor, 2 scientific, and 1 trade


The Abbai homeworld is a very heavily defended planet, one whose defenses has been very effective over the history of the Abbai. The defensive systems of the Abbai military are second to none. A great deal of their orbital planetary defence systems are automated, which rely heavily on layers of gun platforms, armed remotes, and mines. Though they can be jammed, Abbai automated technology is extremely reliable and has over the history of the race proven itself in space combat. Heavy armor plating, redundant systems, and defensive weapon systems account for most of the fleet's space-borne assets. Abbai ground forces are excellent defensive soldiers who possess a strong ability to take and hold positions. In the ground army, combat engineers and heavy armor make up a large percentage of the force. The training of these soldiers is considerable, and their skill in that field is unquestionable.

The fleet's division in charge of the defense of the homeworld is the Abba Guard, the largest division in the Abbai Bulwark Fleet. It's the elite division of the Bulwark fleet, whose sole task is the defense of the homeworld and its solar system. To get an assignment to this division usually requires 10 years of service or more in other fleets. The division is equipped with both ships and satellites:

  • 8 Miliani-class Carriers
  • 10 Lakara-class Cruisers
  • 6 Tiraca-class Frigates
  • 6 Shyarie-class Frigates
  • 12 Bimith-class Defenders
  • 144 Iala-class Bombardment Satellites
  • 36 Alanti-class Multiweapon Platforms
  • 72 Binala-class Laser Platforms
  • 72 Shyneth-class Sniper Satellites
  • 256 Tirallia-class Tracking Mines.



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