The Babylon Project

Ivanova crafting the image of Lincolni in the appearance of Sheridan

"...back home nobody cares about dead Narns, only living ones!"

Vir Cotto

"Abrahamo Lincolni" was a false Centauri identity created by Vir Cotto, fashioned after the old Earth president and emancipator, Abraham Lincoln.

In 2260, after Vir's promotion and assignment to the diplomatic mission on Minbar, he began receiving sensitive government information in line with his position. He discovered the horrible conditions on the Narn Homeworld that the Narn lived under after their war with the Centauri. He was particularly disturbed by the fact that many Narns who were injured in the bombings would not survive without medical treatment they wouldn't be provided on their homeworld.

So, Vir concocted an elaborate ruse to get as many of them out of the prison camps as he could. As he personally did not have the authority to transfer prisoners, he invented someone who did. The resulting identity – "Abrahamo Lincolni" – was created as a Centauri in his office with the authority to transfer Narns by issuing travel documentation under existing work programs for factories to work, both on- and off-world.

At least 2,000 Narns were transferred off-world on his authority. Then, to make sure they would no longer be harassed or come under risk of being enslaved once more, he forged death certificates for each. The now-"dead" Narns would be free to escape Centauri-controlled space and seek proper medical care.

Vir then used Babylon 5 as a transfer point for the "dead" Narns. Sergeant Zack Allan became aware of these activities and noticed the obvious use of an Earth name on the papers. He informed Susan Ivanova, and she and John Sheridan confronted Vir with what they knew. They were livid after discovering the death certificates for thousands of Narn, signed by this "Lincolni", whom they knew to be Vir. Londo Mollari was quite proud of his young attache, but Vir ruined the moment by confessing that the Narns were not dead. He only faked their deaths to get them out of the prison camps. Ivanova and Sheridan were relieved that Vir was not a killer, but Londo was outraged, and soon Vir was removed from his position on Minbar and ordered never to speak of this.

Once the dust settled, Ivanova stepped in and continued to use the name, even using an image of Sheridan – altered to look like a Centauri – as an official picture of "Lincolni." The identity had 12 years of service and was assigned to the Centauri Relocation Bureau. With the false identity, she continued to use Vir's work to free more Narn as long as the ruse would hold out.[1]