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Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5 was a limited edition book available though, courtesy of the print on demand store.

The Blurb[]

Authorized by
J. Michael Straczynski

ACROSS TIME AND SPACE: THE CHRONOLOGIES OF BABYLON 5 contains two complete chronologies: Terry Jones' Babylon 5 Historical Database and I. Marc Carlson's Timeline of the Babylon 5/Crusade Universe. Together, these two documents are the only sources that give you a complete picture of the Babylon 5 universe and how it fits in the history of the world.

What makes this book especially valuable is that it pulls together facts, data and information from over 175 sources including: all 110 Babylon 5 Episodes, the Babylon 5 TV Movies, all televised episodes of Crusade (and some that weren't produced), the Babylon 5 Comics, the Babylon 5 Short Stories, the Babylon 5 Novels, the Official Babylon 5 Magazine, the Babylon 5 Technical FAQ, the Babylon Project Roleplaying Game, over 18,000 of J. Michael Straczynski's posts and, because it's up-to-date, even the direct-to-DVD movie, The Lost Tales.

Because of the quantity and quality of these sources, ACROSS TIME AND SPACE contains important Babylon 5 canon even the most devout fan may not know.

With an introduction by Fiona Avery, reference editor for Babylon 5 and Crusade and writer of 3 Crusade episodes, ACROSS TIME AND SPACE is the ultimate Babylon 5 reference because it weaves the entire Babylon 5 universe into one, cohesive narrative.


  • Fiona Avery
Regarding Citations & A Source List
  • Brandon Klassen
Introduction to the Historical Database
  • Terry Jones
The Babylon 5 Historical Database
  • Terry Jones
Introduction to the Timeline
  • I. Marc Carlson
Timeline of the Babylon 5/Crusade Universe
  • I. Marc Carlson


  • The introduction written by Fiona Avery confirms that The Babylon 5 Historical Database was used as the official in house reference at Babylonian Productions.
  • The book was later reset and reprinted with a white cover adorned with a production illustration of Lorien
  • A PDF page insert was made available by B5 books incorporating the Crusade season 2 story written by Peter Woodward 'Little Bugs Have Lesser Bugs'

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