The Babylon Project

The Advanced Omega class destroyer was an experimental class of Earthforce starship incorporating Shadow technology adapted from vessels previously excavated on Mars and Ganymede.[2]


Based on the existing Omega-class destroyer, the Advanced Destroyers retained much of the Omega's basic configuration including the aft engines, rotating section and forward launch/docking bay. In addition to an upgraded weapons system, there was augmented semi-organic hull technology, in the shape of a number of spine-like structures on both the forward and aft hull and an organic skin characteristic of Shadow Vessels.[2]


Developed in secret, a small fleet of Advanced Destroyers, with at least six units, was deployed in late 2261 toward the end of the Earth Alliance Civil War. Under the command of Captain J. Thompson, the fleet was sent to ambush the renegade fleet with the intent of wiping out the Earth ships that had defected to the Resistance. With the fleet crippled and Sheridan captured on Mars, this would have left the advancing fleet made up of mostly alien ships and enabled EA President Clark to claim the campaign was an alien driven invasion and not an Earthforce insurrection.

Their crews were said to be all loyal to Clark's new order, and than they wouldn't defect or surrender.

A fleet of Advanced Destroyers in Sector 300

Acting on intelligence passed from moles planted within the resistance, the fleet lay in wait in hyperspace in Sector 300. However, the resistance leadership had been alerted to the plan by an Alliance officer captured in a previous battle, and the Advanced Destroyer group was instead confronted with a fleet of White Stars led by Commander Ivanova's flagship White Star 2. Though they inflicted heavy losses on the White Stars, the Advanced Destroyers were wiped out, clearing the way for the rest of the fleet to proceed unchallenged all the way to Mars.

Far from being the only Shadow-based starships produced by Earthforce, several more radical (and unstable) prototypes had already been in operation as early as 2259 and the new Warlock class destroyers also had an unknown Shadow component buried somewhere in the computer control system.[2][3][4][5][6]