"Captain, our orders are to avoid any first contact situation unless authorised to do so."

Chafin to Jankowski

Alan Chafin was an Earthforce Commander and the first officer aboard the EAS Prometheus under Captain Michael Jankowski. Chafin was Jankowski's third choice for first officer after his previous XO transferred to the EAS Churchill and Commander John Sheridan turned down the position in favour of staying aboard the EAS Lexington. Chafin was well aware of Jankowski's reputation and shared much of the same feelings about the Captain's abilities as Sheridan; however his ambition for career advancement drove him to accept the position anyway. When the Prometheus encountered the Minbari, Commander Chafin repeatedly reminded Captain Jankowski of their orders to avoid contact. Jankowski dismissed Chafin's concerns saying they could handle a few stray ships.

When Captain Jankowski misinterpreted the Minbari's gesture from their approaching ships, he ordered the Prometheus and its task force to open fire on the approaching vessels, starting the Earth-Minbari War.[1]


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