The Babylon Project

Alisha Ross was a Psi Corps officer and the wife of Alfred Bester.


Born in Seattle, North America in 2198 to mundane parents, Alisha's talent manifested when she was only eight. Raised by the Corps from then on, Alisha remembered very little of her childhood, other than it had rained a lot.[2] A P12, she trained at the Academy though her temperament made her unsuited for MetaPol fieldwork and so she worked in forensics instead, building psychological profiles and the like. Though her job kept her mostly Earth-bound, she did manage to get off planet on two occasions, both times to the Luna colonies, though no further out than that. In her spare time she was an avid soccer player and for a time had a relationship with Jared Dawson. Though Jared was a fellow P12, the Corps determined that they weren't as genetically compatible.[1][3]

In 2222 Alisha was asked by the Corps to wed psi cop Alfred Bester, whom they had determined was a rare genetic match and it was felt that marriage might be a stabilising force following his recent trauma on Mars. Alisha agreed in principle and after meeting with Al for dinner the pair agreed to marry. They were married in April and after a honeymoon in Bali, the couple settled into a pleasant if passionless marriage.[1]

Some time later, after coming home early, Al caught Alisha in an adulterous affair with her former lover Jared. Alisha promised that she had been discreet and had told Jared that it was over. Bester, though not hurt was annoyed they she had violated his trust and risked making him look a fool.[3] As a result, the already lukewarm relationship grew stone cold with Al no longer interesting in even pretending to like his wife. Some weeks later Bester ended up in hospital after undergoing yet another deathbed scan. Alisha came to visit him and told him that she was pregnant. For his part, Alfred was uncertain of their son's true paternity, but he did not care enough to find out one way or the other.[4]

In 2254, despite the marriage remaining loveless, the pair conceived a daughter together.[5][6]

Bester and Ross did not keep in contact after the Telepath War ended in the defeat of the Psi Corps, and during Bester's time as a fugitive he did not know if they were still married in name or if Ross had obtained a divorce to separate herself from the hated war criminal.[7]