The Babylon Project

"Don't you ever want to be free? Don't you dream of living the life you want to live ... not imprisoned by the Corps?"

Alison with Matheson

Alison, a telepath, was a leader of the Telepath Resistance and a strong P-12. During the Telepath War, she allowed herself to be captured to enable the Resistance to find and destroy the Psi Corps' secret enclave.

She was the last known resistance leader, as all the others have been killed by the Corps. Kept prisoner in a Psi Corps facility located on an island, she met a friendly Corps agent, John Matheson. She made him see the evil side of the Psi Corps, and he helped her, stopping administration of her Sleepers.

The day after, she confessed to him that her people were tracking a device implanted in her body to attack the facility. Matheson left the island in a shuttle moments before it was attacked, killing everybody on the island, including Alison. [1]


  • The role of Alison was originally intended to be filled by Lyta Alexander, though Patricia Tallman was unable to fit the appearance into her schedule at the time due to a prior commitment.[2]