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Alwyn was a techno-mage. He was fond of Galen and had known his father. Alwyn often differed with Galen's mentor Elric, though he considered him to be a good man. He did not leave with the others of his Order when they departed known space in 2259.

Alwyn traveled to Regula IV where he settled along with human colonists. Acting as the settlement's local wiseman, he dispensed advice on practically everything and tried to help people with their problems.

In 2267, after the Drakh plague infected Earth, Earthforce discovered a mineral in the ground that could be used to help combat the virus. When they began to mine the planet, Alwyn began to terrorize them with pranks and displays of technomancy. The mining was actually causing the colonists to become ill. After the villagers took hostages, Alwyn realized that he had overstayed his welcome and that the colonists had started to become dependent on him. After faking his demise, Alwyn departed the planet aboard his ship.


  • Alwyn is noted for having a particular fondness for gold dragons.[1]