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"Faith and reason are the shoes on your feet. You can travel further with both than you can with just one."

Alwyn Macomber

Alwyn Macomber was a human member of the Anla'Shok in the year 3262, one thousand years after the foundation of the Interstellar Alliance. Posing as a Catholic monk, Macomber was one of many Anla'Shok who had infiltrated Earth in an attempt to help the planet gradually rebuild itself to an advanced technological state following the Great Burn.

Macomber's apparent knowledge of religious texts and practices allowed him to serve as the head of an abbey, from where he oversaw the discreet placement of technologically sophisticated items that would later be "recovered" by the people of Earth. Some of these supposed historical artifacts were on display in his abbey office, including models of three-masted ships, a zeppelin, and a Da Vinci flying machine, a Van De Graaf generator, a telescope, electronic components, and a full set of encyclopedias. He communicated with his superiors in the Anla'Shok via communication devices planted throughout his office, and kept his Ranger uniform hidden away in a closet.  

As the leader of his abbey, Macomber gave counsel to other members of the monastic order. One such monk, Brother Michael, experienced a crisis of faith after the Holy See rejected the order's request for official recognition. Macomber spoke with Michael and helped him to resolve his crisis. After the younger monk left, Macomber noted to one of his communication devices that he considered Michael a potential future recruit for the Rangers.[1]