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Amanda Carter was part of the Mars Provisional Government who worked towards Martian independence.


Amanda Carter was a member of the Mars Provisional Government, working in the Mars Business Affairs Committee, working towards a free Mars. Her great-grandfather, John Carter, piloted the first colony ship to Mars.

In 2244, Carter joined Free Mars, after being prompted to by her close friend, Abel Horn. After the group turned away from peaceful protests and evolved into a terrorist organization, she left and cut all ties with Horn, managing to hide her involvement with the group for many years.

In 2259, the Committee asked her to meet with Taro Isogi, the CEO of FutureCorp, to negotiate a deal that would give Future Corp. the ability to bring trade through Mars from alien worlds – enough trade to make the colony self-sustainable and thus one step closer to independence. Carter thought the plan was too costly in the short term and progressive, but ultimately the benefits clearly outweighed it.

The negotiations were going well, but Isogi was murdered before they could be concluded. Abel Horn appeared to Carter, begging her for help and claiming ignorance about the murder. While suffering violent convulsions and apparent memory loss, he asked for her to arrange for Talia Winters to come to him. Carter agreed, prompting a stand off with Security Personnel. Horn was revealed to be a type of cyborg-zombie who had been sent to assassinate Isogi. After being shot down by security officers, his body detonated, destroying all traces of whomever was responsible for his condition. Carter was taken to Medlab for minor injuries inflicted by Horn. While being treated, she apologized to Talia for what happened.

Captain John Sheridan agreed to bury any record of her involvement, hoping that she would continue the negotiations Isogi died for.[1]