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The American State is a nation of the Earth Alliance on Earth, made up of the former nations of Canada and the United States of America.[1]

Notable Districts, territories, and cities[]

  • Boston: A major city near New York City. Michael Garibaldi's grandmother worked here as a police officer.[2]
  • Chicago: A major North American City. In 2261, while in hiding, David Sheridan was picked up in a safe house just outside of Chicago after Michael Garibaldi informed William Edgars that Sheridan could be tracked through his tenasticin prescriptions.[3]
  • Las Vegas: A major North American resort city known for it's gambling establishments and entertainment. When Babylon 5 first came online in 2256, Las Vegas oddsmakers put the odds of Babylon 5 surviving at 350 to 1. By 2259 the odds had slightly increased to 200 to 1.[4]
  • Los Angeles: Incorporated North American city. On July 12th, 2244 Alisa Beldon was born in Los Angeles to Eliot and Esparanza Beldon.[5]
  • Minneapolis: North American City. Miranda Sheridan went to be with friends in the city in an successful effort to hide from President Morgan Clark's forces.[6]

Central Park, New York City, Circa 2301.

  • New Orleans: In 2092 the city was destroyed by a terrible flood, wiping out much of the city including the old French Quarter. So much of the city is destroyed that after the rebuilding many wanted to call it "New New Orleans", though the suggestion wasn't a very popular one.[7] In 2262, Psi Cop Alfred Bester was called in to deal with a runaway problem the New Orleans local Psi Corps field office couldn't deal with on their own.[8]
  • New York City: A Major Earth city located on the North American eastern seaboard. Places of interest include Central Park and New York University.[9][10] New York was one of the many places Fiona Davion lived with her adopted grandfather Monkey while growing up in the underground in the 2160s and 70s.[11] As a young man Leonard Anderson dropped out of school after his parents were killed and struggled to make a living for himself on the streets of New York[12] Following EA President Clark's Martial Law Decree in 2260, New York was one of many major cities in which shock troops were out in force.[13] Later that year, Earth had a late winter and it didn't snow in New York until late December.[14]

San Diego, CA in 2259

  • Salt Lake City: In 2180 Salt Lake City was the location of one of the Telepath Resistance's major strongholds.[11]
  • San Diego: San Diego was once a city on the west coast of North America. The city was destroyed by an act of nuclear terrorism on July 17, 2150.[15] The weapon used to destroy San Diego was found to have been a left over nuke from the fall of the Soviet Union in the late 20th Century.[16] Prior to the city's destruction, Interplanetary Expeditions was based out of San Diego.[11] In 2259, Bureau 13 maintained a center of operations in the devastated ruins of the city.[17]
  • San Francisco: A city on the west coast of the North American continent. An earthquake caused major damage to the city in 2116.[11] After being adopted by human parents, Jerrica Thomas lived in this city and attended the Narn Academy of San Francisco from 2259 to 2269.[11]
  • Summit: A city in New Jersey, North American continent. Birthplace of Morden.[18]