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Sheridan and Delenn bring formal charges against the Centauri Republic, bringing the Centauri and the Alliance to the brink of war.



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John Sheridan and Delenn have a tough night on Babylon 5. Delenn have a hard time sleeping, and Sheridan tries to reassure her, but is unable to comfort her. The next day, the Interstellar Alliance council board present evidence pointing at the Centauri Republic as the perpetrators behind the devastating attacks on member worlds, resulting in heavy economical and immeasurable loss of lives. Sheridan and Delenn promise the ambassadors, that they will support any action they agree on as necessary.

Londo Mollari and Vir Cotto try to enter the chamber, but Zack Allan and a security team block their entrance. Allan simply states that they will send for him when they are ready. Mollari is angry they would not allow him to rebut the evidence, even despite being a senior member of the advisory board.

Act I[]

Stephen Franklin starts describing evidence based on the ship weapons' combination of components being unique due to security reasons (ships are built at shipyards at Homeworlds), which can be traced on dead bodies due to the laser fingerprints that they leave. Through the ocular autopsies of bodies from the attacks, the weapons could be deduced to be identifiable as Centauri. Michael Garibaldi moves on, that the attack patterns were consistent with Centauri combat maneuvers, and, for more hard evidence, showed the button found after the attack on himself personally during his visit to the Drazi homeworld, which Mollari himself verified came from a the Centauri palace guard comissioned by Emperor Tuscano. He furthermore hinted on that after they kept Mollari out of the loop from council sessions, there had been no further leaks of information. He also verified that the one Centauri ship that had been attacked was already to be scrapped for parts; an attempting to misleading them to the conclusion that the Centauri were victims of these attacks as well, thus excluding them from suspicion.

G'Kar came to Mollari's residence to bring him in front of the council. He also insists to Mollari that he believes Mollari had his own suspicions when he acted as Mollari's bodyguard on the visit to the Centari Prime Royal court, and further hints at that he didn't know the scope of it. At the council, Mollari dramatically declares the evidence to be a hoax; circumstantial, assumptious and half-true, prompting Sheridan to answer the allegations, whereupon Mollari simply dismiss his part in the hearing as unnecessary. Delenn then asks him to stay for the final piece of evidence, brought by Lennier. He enters the room and describes his covert mission and plays his video, presenting a recording of the attack on Brakiri transport ships. There is no doubt now amongst the other members of the council, and even Mollari is stunned and without words. Mollari says he will need to speak with his government and Sheridan allows him, telling him to relay to them that these attacks are inexcusable, even acts of terrorism and that the Republic from here on stands alone – all trade will cease and all ships to or from Centauri Prime boarded and turned back.

Act II[]

Mollari and Cotto anxiously await their government's response. Mollari still cannot believe the accusations and must have a satisfactory response. Cotto admits that the Centauri have fired on civilian targets before (the Narn), but Mollari say that it was during war. Minister Cholini interrupts and confirms the Regent has seen the evidence and they declare it is a fraud. Mollari and Cotto refuse to accept Lennier's implication in a fraud, so Cholini otherwise explains the whole event was staged for his benefit by someone posing as the Centauri, using hulls and weaponry to fake it.

At the reconvening council meeting, Mollari declares the Centauri viewpoint and declares the Republic is withdrawing from the ISA and does not recognize the legality of the imposed blockade. Furthermore, any attack on their vessels will be considered an act of war. He says he is leaving the station for homeworld, and leaves with Cotto. Cotto privately protests Mollari's own reaction, but also wants to come with him, however, Mollari prefer he stay on B5 represent the Republic and relay any messages between Babylon 5 and from Centauri Prime.

G'Kar receives Delenn in his quarters, to inform her he is going with Mollari, still insisting on the necessity of a bodyguard, since Mollari seems unaware of what his government is up to, furthermore stating that he may be the best hope of ending the conflict in the long term when he does find out. He booked the seat next to him and wants it to be a surprise. Delenn fears for him, being alone on Centauri Prime, which G'Kar understands. He also hands her the final chapters of his book for safe keeping, should he not return. She resond, saying it was an honor serving with him and which he fondly acknowledges.

Act III[]

Sheridan asks Allan about Garibaldi, needing to see him. Allan finds him in his quarters and is easily tested when Allan reiterates that Sheridan has something important for him, which Garibaldi response to with frustation. He then tests his hand-eye coordination by throwing him an orange – which he fails at twice. He assumes he is drunk, but Garibaldi dismisses it angrily, retorting that Allan himself had problems before arriving on B5, but knew he would sort them out in time. Allan dismisses the front Garibaldi is putting on and insists he is his friend. Garibaldi asks for more time to figure things out. Allan agrees he drops the matter for a while.

Sheridan briefs Garibaldi on the blockade and upcoming conflict. Sheridan assumes that the must b ready for the Centauri to open fire if they encounter ships from member worlds blocking their path, since probably can handle it due to their warships' capabilitiies, but would be hesitant to engage the White Stars. He wants Garibaldi to help them relay the positions of Centauri ships entering Alliance space. Sheridan plans a maneuver to effectively keep the blockade, which Garibaldi notes will be ugly. He, however, agrees on the task.

On Centauri Prime, Mollari and G'Kar enter the Royal Palace and meet Cholini. To Mollari's dismay, he is still will not able to see the Regent yet. Cholini is also very dismissive of G'Kar, though G'Kar tries to not bear it in mind.

The White Star 43 communicates vital information about Centauri movements to Garibaldi,

Soon, Centauri ships exit hyperspace and test the Alliance ships. They refuse to turn back and fire on the Alliance ships just as the White Star arrives on the scene.

Act IV[]

Sheridan and Delenn are awakened by alarm at the door, and Allan informs them of the confrontation.

Cotto is trying desperately to get hold of Mollari through Cholini, but Cholini politely says he is unavailable and that they are fully aware of the situation. After Cotto is frustatingly cut off, Franklin arrives to escort him to safety as the other are out for revenge on the Centauri. They are cornered by some Brakiri in the hallways. With some quick thinking by Franklin, he subdues one of them and they get away.

Meanwhile, the council chamber is in uproar due to this latest incident. Garibaldi is explaining himself when the ambassadors arrive, demanding action. The arguments gets louder until Sheridan has enough. He angrily rants at them for refusing co-operation or pursuing peaceful solutions, at the same time mentioning his regret at promising to support their wishes. He angrily accuse them to "want war", which is what they got now.

Act V[]

On Centauri Prime, Mollari is woken up by Cholini, informing him of the confrontation and the ensuing declaration of hostilities. He consequently deems it prudent to imprison G'Kar, since he is still technically part of the ISA. Mollari protests it, but the Minister is insistent. Mollari finally reiterates that, where G'Kar goes, he goes, refusing to believe that even the Regent cannot be as arrogant to imprison his own Prime minister. Surprisingly, he is imprisoned along with G'Kar. He admits he understands nothing of what is going on anymore.

Sheridan joins Delenn in meditation. Delenn is noting at that they are just, in essence, molecules who have forgotten who they are, thinking they are each better than the other, and that the flame of the candle in front is a reminder; that life is precious, unique, and gone forever once extinguished.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Now we gave you a promise, and we are bound by that promise, and damn you for asking for it! And damn me for agreeing to it! And damn us all to hell, because that is exactly where we are going! We talked about peace. You didn't want peace! We talked about cooperation. You didn't want cooperation! You want war! Is that it? You want a war? Well, you've got a war!"
– Sheridan to ambassadors
"Don't worry, even one as arrogant as this would not take it upon himself to imprison his own Prime Minister...SHUT UP!"
– Londo Mollari to G'Kar

DVD Release[]

This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 5 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.


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