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The Androma Republic is the governing authority for the Hurr race, based on their homeworld Androma.


The Androma Republic is an elected government made up of representatives from all of the thirty five city-states which account for the main population centers of the Androma. Election is by popular vote and takes place once every three Hurr years, though only males are allowed to vote or be elected to office. Political infighting and corruption is notoriously rampant in Androma elections, as such the government is mostly ineffectual due to intense factionalism.


The Hurr achieved interstellar flight around the Earth year 2207. As a civilization, their level of technical expertise is rather low compared to most other spacefaring races and are mainly geared toward environmental control, power supplies, communications and food synthesis.


The Hurr are certainly a belligerent race, though fortunately for their neighbours they do not have anywhere near the military power to back up their belligerence and even then, most of their aggression appears to be directed inwards towards their own people. They do maintain a small fleet of warships armed with a patchwork of weapons bought from the Narns or Centauri along with the best the Hurr have manage to develop by themselves. Among the other members of the Alliance, Hurr ships are only slightly more capable than those of Grome. Their ground troops are proficient fighters, but again are hampered by their lack of advanced technology.


As of 2262, the Hurr had not established any off-world colonies, only orbital military stations and factories.


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