The Babylon Project

Anne Mallory was a human telepath and Psi Cop who served as the local station chief on the Beta Colony.[1]


After graduating, from the Major Academy, Mallory was admitted into MetaPol and was assigned as an intern along with Alfred Bester under Olivia Vong. In 2253, Mallory was working on the Beta Colony in the Sheffer System as Beta City's MetaPol station chief when a string of local telepaths were murdered by a serial killer dubbed "the Blinder". The local police investigation, headed up by Captain Stesco did little to solve the case and showed very little inclination to do so. A total of four telepaths were killed before Psi Corps to sent in senior MetaPol Psi Cop Alfred Bester from Mars to assist in the investigation. While he was en-route two of Mallory's Psi Cops - Ran and Farmer - were also killed after getting too close to the killer.

Though she was aware of Bester's reputation for employing strong-arm tactics, illegal scans and memory alteration, Mallory willingly accepted his help but warned Bester that Beta Colony wasn't the same as Mars. With her force short-handed, Mallory assigned Bester one of their new Corps interns, a young Ms. Lyta Alexander to act as his assistant.

Before long Bester had tracked the killer to an Adamite bar in Beta City. Rather than turn him over to Earth Security and reveal that all the evidence against him was obtained illegally, Bester and Mallory took him back to the station house where his mind was filled with horrific visions, driving him beyond insanity and consigning him to a mental institution on the colony. For the rest of his life, the Blinder would have to be kept restrained 24/7, otherwise he'd claw his own eyes out to make the visions stop.