Antarctica was Earth's southern most continent, located directly over the planet's southern pole.


First officially discovered by humans in the 1800s. Largely uninhabitable and almost entirely covered glaciers, Antarctica's isolation and lack of resources meant that it went mostly neglected until the first successful expedition to the south pole in 1911. In 1959 the Antarctic Treaty was signed prohibiting military activities and mineral mining while supporting scientific research and safeguarded the continent's ecozone.

Despite a few military incidents and the Chilean war of 2035, Antarctica remained international territory well into the mid 22nd Century. By which time every major Earth nation operated a base, if not a colony, on the desolate continent.[1] Still, by that time the total number of inhabitants was actually less than the contemporary population of the Mars colony.[2]

In 2055 a pair of Vorlons used Antarctica as a base from which to enact the final stage in their genetic alterations that would finally produce viable telepaths in humans. Hiding in the Gamburtsev mountains, they quietly begin abducting humans living in nearby colonies and implanting them with the telepath gene, including the father of Desa Alexander. Some of the subject's half remembered accounts would later cause a resurgence in the "ancient astronaut/angel" cults that first gripped earth culture in the 1950s.

By 2080 the allies of the Shadows had discovered the Vorlon activity on Earth and track them to their base. Attacking and destroying the base, one Vorlon is successfully killed while the other escapes, hiding on Venus. Remote sensing briefly registered a gravitational anomaly at the site while across Earth, many of the first generation telepaths "see" the death of the Vorlon and pass on an account to their cultist followers using a variation of the Mayan legend of the twin brothers Xbalanque and Hunahpu.[3] Some of the cult members travel to Antarctica and recover some Vorlon Organic Technology, taking some of it to their Qahsah cave site in Yucatán.[4]

In September 2180, Psi Corps Director Kevin Vacit and his assistant Ms. Natasha Alexander traced the origins of human telepaths back from the Yucatán cult to the site in Antactica. Setting out from the Vostok colony with Commander Sergei Zviyagin they find the crater where the Vorlon had been killed.[5]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Vostok colony: A small domed colony that in 2180 supported only 100 inhabitants.


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