The Babylon Project

Armies of Light and Dark is the second book in the Legions of Fire series. It was written by Peter David, based on an outline by J. Michael Straczynski.


The Drakh have assaulted Earth with
deadly Shadow technology - but the worst is
yet to come in this stunning continuation of the
Babylon 5 epic adventure...

Centauri Prime has been infiltrated by malevolent allies of the Shadows, creatures known as the Drakh. While Centauri citizens continue to rebuild their war-torn planet, their secret master work feverishly toward one ultimate goal: to crush the Interstellar Alliance once and for all.

As the Drakh carry out their horrific plans, Emperor Londo Mollari languishes on his throne, a puppet of the Drakh-bred keeper, an insidious creature that monitors his every thought, word, and action. While the emperor broods, the power-obsessed Lord Durla - an unwitting Drakh pawn - follows his own agenda.

But Drakh control is not absolute. Vir Cotto - a most unlikely hero - has begun a resistance movement, and Alliance president John Sheridan has sent his most trusted troubleshooter, Michael Garibaldi, to investigate. Yet this move may prove costly, and though the Centauri continue to build a new military machine, the Alliance avoid any overt confrontation, hoping the problem will go away.

They're about to discover how wrong they are...


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