Armies of Light and Dark is the second book in the Legions of Fire series. It was written by Peter David, based on an outline by J. Michael Straczynski.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

The Drakh have assaulted Earth with
deadly Shadow technology - but the worst is
yet to come in this stunning continuation of the
Babylon 5 epic adventure...

Centauri Prime has been infiltrated by malevolent allies of the Shadows, creatures known as the Drakh. While Centauri citizens continue to rebuild their war-torn planet, their secret master work feverishly toward one ultimate goal: to crush the Interstellar Alliance once and for all.

As the Drakh carry out their horrific plans, Emperor Londo Mollari languishes on his throne, a puppet of the Drakh-bred keeper, an insidious creature that monitors his every thought, word, and action. While the emperor broods, the power-obsessed Lord Durla - an unwitting Drakh pawn - follows his own agenda.

But Drakh control is not absolute. Vir Cotto - a most unlikely hero - has begun a resistance movement, and Alliance president John Sheridan has sent his most trusted troubleshooter, Michael Garibaldi, to investigate. Yet this move may prove costly, and though the Centauri continue to build a new military machine, the Alliance avoid any overt confrontation, hoping the problem will go away.

They're about to discover how wrong they are...

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