The Babylon Project

"Tell the other Rangers, the ambassadors, everyone in this "army of light" that Babylon 5 stands with you."
"Tell them... Tell them from this place, we will deliver notice to the parliaments of conquerors that a line has been drawn against the darkness and we will hold that line no matter the cost."

Captain Sheridan

The Army of Light is the name of the coalition that fought against the Shadows in the Second Shadow War.

A Conspiracy of Light[]

Babylon 5 served as the headquarters for the Army of Light, with Captain John Sheridan of the Earth Alliance and Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari Federation as the two principal leaders. At first, the two of them worked in secret with the Anla'Shok and a few others such as Draal. By the conclusion of the Second Shadow War, the Army of Light included thousands of ships and over two dozen races, most of them working together for the very first time. After the war, the coalition would serve as the groundwork for the future Interstellar Alliance.

War Council[]

This was the name given to the central ruling body that oversaw the Army of Light and its forces during the Shadow War. The Council would debate matters relating to the war such as the deployment of forces and overall strategic planning. The Council also coordinated efforts between the Army of Light and planet-side resistance movements such as the one on Mars. The War Council was comprised of Babylon 5's command staff as well as Delenn and G'Kar. Matters were resolved by vote with majority ruling. The War Council also seemed to have been an extension of the station's command staff. In one instance, while all of the human command officers were unavailable, Delenn assumed command of Babylon 5.