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Arterial Blockage was a notorious chain of Earth restaurants, founded in the early 22nd Century by Hermes Hermasillo.[1]

Hermasillo's stated goal was to rebel against the proliferation of non-harmful, synthetic junk foods; Soy Bean Subs, SyntheSugar, Phoney Fat, Guilt-Free Grease and the like that had become increasingly prevalent since the late 20th century. Arterial Blockage proudly offered only "the worst food possible" with each restaurant featuring a sign over the door baring the chain's motto, 'Screw Guilt'.

The brand became very popular with restaurants opening all over Earth, making Hermasillo a multi-trillionaire and something of a hero to his patrons. All this ended however when at the age of only 36, Hermes Hermasillo died of a heart seizure, followed by a number of his regulars. His embattled inheritors were eventually taxed into bankruptcy by EarthGov and the Earth Senate later passed legislation banning any such establishments opening on Earth again.

In the early 2240s one of Hermes's great-grandchildren, Julian, realising that the original Senate law had only applied to Earth migrated to Cestus and opened an Arterial Blockage restaurant at the Fortune City mining colony, making it the only Arterial Blockage in the galaxy. The sign outside still displayed the 'Screw Guilt' motto, though now in thirteen different alien languages and was still in business as late as 2260.

While working security on Cestus, just prior to the Earth-Minbari War, Michael Garibaldi often patronised Julian's Arterial Blockage, which served such unhealthy meals as Jovian tubers, Zoon burgers and Traxian ale.[2]