The Babylon Project
Canonbox default The following is based on Voices and contradicts canon sources.

"Behind her, waiting patiently, stood a tall man with a professorial air to him, no doubt helped by his graying goatee. He looked older than the last photograph she had seen of him, but there was no mistaking the profound intelligence in his sad, dark eyes."

Voices, Chapter 3

Arthur Malten was a human telepath and Martian sympathizer. Along with telepaths Emily Crane, Michael Graham, and Barry Strump, he created the fake Martian radical group, Free Phobos in a plan to take over the Psi Corps in 2259.

A bombing was staged at the Royal Tharsis Lodge on Mars, where the convention was scheduled to take place, causing the venue to be changed to Babylon 5. They staged another bombing there, for which the station's resident telepath, Talia Winters, was framed. The bombing killed several high-ranking officers from the Psi Cops and badly wounded Alfred Bester.

Malten was a victim of an accidental bomb explosion in 2259.