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Artificial gravity is a technology that gives a weightless environment normal gravitational characteristics.


Among the older, more advanced races such as the Minbari and the Centauri their technology is advanced enough to produce gravity by using energy fields produced by their gravimetric drive systems, which are based partly on magnetic and gravitational principles.[1][2]

The first Earthforce ship which featured artificial gravity without the use of rotational sections was the Warlock class destroyer developed in 2262. This was achieved through the use of hybrid technology based on Minbari principles but designed and manufactured using Earth-based materials.[2][3][4] Later projects by Earth to include gravimetrics, like the Valen and the Victory class destroyers were active collaborations between the Earth Alliance and the Minbari Federation.[5][6]

Ships That Use Gravimetrics[]

Rotating Sections[]

Younger races that rely on less advanced technology must resort to using rotating sections that can provide the feeling of a gravitational pull through centrifugal forces. The Earth Alliance used this technology extensively on their larger spaceships and space structures.[9] Narn spaceships and some older Earthforce vessels don't have artificial gravity of any kind, utilizing neither rotating sections nor gravimetrics. Ships like the G'Quan class heavy cruiser and Hyperion class heavy cruiser as well as many commercial transports operate entirely in zero gravity.[10][11]

Ships That Use Rotating Sections[]


It is possible that Thirdspace capital ships used a gravimetric drive system, but nobody knows for sure.