Ashan was a Minbari from the Third Fane of Chudomo who was part of an unsuccessful plot to frame Captain John Sheridan.


Ashan was a Minbari from the Clan Third Fane of Chudomo living on Babylon 5 in 2259. Without the consent of the Grey Council or anyone else in the Minbari Federation, his clan hatched a plot to disgrace Captain John Sheridan, the hated "Starkiller" from the Earth-Minbari War, who had taken over as commanding officer of Babylon 5 earlier that same year. Another of the clan, Lavell (who hailed from a highly-respected family), arranged for a human thief to palm Sheridan's com link, knowing he would chase after him. Lavell then attacked Sheridan where Ashan was the only witness, planting a PPG nearby for Sheridan to find. Sheridan reluctantly shot and killed Lavell while Ashan looked on.

Delenn's aide Lennier, another member of the Third Fane of Chudomo, tracked down Ashan and brought him to Delenn first. Ashan refused to speak to Delenn, not recognizing her authority (and even calling her a "freak"). Ashan lied about what happened, claiming Sheridan attacked Lavell and when Lavell surrendered, Sheridan shot him. After reaffirming this story to Sheridan himself, Ashan sneaks off into Downbelow to pay off the human thief Lavell hired. Lennier follows him there, demanding to know the real truth, but Ashan walks off. The Federation then sends word for Ashan to be sent back to Minbar, which will prevent any real trial from being held but destroying Sheridan's credibility completely.

Ashan reports to Lennier for final instruction. Lennier states his intention to confess to being part of the plot. Ashan begs him not to, knowing it will bring dishonor to their clan. He admits the full plan to Lennier. Just after he does, Delenn, Sheridan, and others emerge from nearby, having listened in an recorded Ashan's confession. Ashan is then taken into custody, but Sheridan cuts a deal with Delenn--if Ashan confesses only to the details of the attack itself, he will not insist the motives behind it coming to light, saving the clan from dishonor. [1]


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