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The Asimov is the first Asimov class luxury liner to be built. In 2258, the Asimov stopped at the Io transfer point before going to Babylon 5. Doctor Stephen Franklin was a passenger on the vessel.[1]

The Asimov suffered a fire on the command deck while en route to Babylon 5. The fire was put out, but the navigation computer and most of the ship's communications array was damaged. The Asimov sent out a distress call and the station answered. The station sent out Delta Squadron and escorted the damaged liner back to the station from Raider territory.[2]

The Asimov disabled

Asimov's Visits to B5[]

Date Arrival/
March 2nd, 2258 (D) Passengers.[3]
June, 2258 (A) Passengers.[2]
July, 2260 (A) David McIntyre.[4]
December 6th, 2260 (A) Reverend William Dexter, Chong, Rashid Abdul, and Rabbi Leo Mayers.[5]
January 19th, 2261 (A) Passengers & freight.[6]
March 3rd, 2262 (A) Rebo & Zooty.[7]
March 24th, 2262 (A) Passengers.[8]
December 15th, 2271 (A) Simon Burke.[9]


  • The Asimov was named by J. Michael Straczynski in honor of award-wining science-fiction author, the late Isaac Asimov.[10]