The Babylon Project

The Auricon PPG Pistol was the standard side-arm for all Earthforce personnel, manufactured by Auricon and procured through McAuliffe Firearms.[1]

Technical Specifications[]

The Auricon PPG Pistol is a very compact, light-weight type of weapon. The arming process takes less than four miliseconds. Energy caps can hold 20 rounds at standard capacity. The energy output of a shot and the number of shots that can be fired from the gun is dependent on the weapon's settings. The higher the setting, the fewer shots with more energy can be fired. The gun can fire four to twelve shots. [2]

Standard Settings
  • Low – twelve shots
  • Standard – seven shots
  • High – four shots

The inner coil of the Auricon PPG Pistol is made of a morbidium alloy, on which is etched a unique serial number specific to each individual pistol issued by Earthforce. Since morbidium is harder than diamond the serial number cannot be removed. The only PPGs issued without a serial number are those issued to elite agents in Earthforce Special Intelligence.[3] The pistol can support a removable sight.[4]