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|name=Earth Alliance Station Babylon 4
|name=Earth Alliance Station Babylon 4
|affiliation=*[[Earth Alliance]]
|affiliation=[[Earth Alliance]] ([[2254]])<br>[[Minbari]] Circa [[1260]]
|location=Epsilon Eridani system, <br>Grid Epsilon, [[Sector 14]]
|location=Epsilon Eridani system, <br>Grid Epsilon, [[Sector 14]]<br>
|function=Diplomatic forum,<br>Commerce,<br>[[Earthforce]] outpost
|function=Diplomatic forum,<br>Commerce,<br>[[Earthforce]] outpost
|type=O'Neill-class habitable space station,<br> multiple rotating sections
|type=O'Neill-class habitable space station,<br> multiple rotating sections

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Babylon 4 was the fourth and largest space station built under the Babylon Project.

Physical Arrangement

EASB4 wiki.png

Babylon 4 was constructed from materials recycled from the earlier Babylon stations. Babylon 3 emblems could be found on some surfaces of the station.

Babylon 4 had engines and could move through space under its own power. It was also, to date, the most powerful station ever constructed by human hands.

The station featured two carousels rotating in opposite directions, presumably balanced to bring the net rotation of the entire mass closer to zero, making it much easier to move and maneuver the station.


Babylon 4 disappeared into a spacetime anomaly 24 hours after coming online in 2254.

Babylon 4 reappeared in its original location in 2258. The crew was rescued by Babylon 5 personnel, and then it disappeared again. Sector 14 was declared off-limits after these events.[2][3]

After the crew was rescued, Jeffrey Sinclair took Babylon 4 to the year 1260. During this temporal trip, Sinclair used the Chrysalis device to transform himself into a Minbari, named Valen. Thus Valen being named "A Minbari not born of Minbari."[4]

Arriving after the Minbari base of operations had been destroyed during the First Shadow War, Valen provided the Minbari with Babylon 4 as the new base of operations in the war effort. When the war was over the station was abandoned.[1]

For over 900 years the station lay dormant, guarded by the Tak'cha, who referred to it as Ende X'Ton (the lost station) which they believed to be a holy place. In 2261 it was found it floating adrift in Sector 730 by 12 by 9 by John Sheridan, Delenn, Michael Garibaldi, and Susan Ivanova. Within 48 hours of rediscovering the station, Babylon 4 burned up in the atmosphere of the planet it was orbiting.[1]


Valen would often sit in Babylon 4's Zen Garden, mirroring his visits to Babylon 5's Zen Garden when he was Jeffrey Sinclair.[1]


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