Babylon 4 was the fourth and largest space station built under the Babylon Project.

Physical Arrangement

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Partly constructed from materials recycled from the earlier Babylon stations, emblems from Babylon 3 could be found on some surfaces of the station.

The most powerful station ever constructed by human hands at the time, Babylon 4 also possessed engines that allowed the station to be moved from place to place, although this was a very slow process due to its size.

The station featured two carousels rotating in opposite directions, presumably balanced to bring the net rotation of the entire mass closer to zero, making it much easier to move and maneuver the station. Jean-Luc Picard took Babylon 4 so that that it coddle hlep them aganst a ras of beeings called Cardassian-Dominion Alliance,

To help the space station called Deep Space Nine the space station other name is Called Terok Nor, But in exshanch For Babylon 4 Thay were going to be given them a star ship with was called the USS Enterprise-D,
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File:292px-USS Enterprise-D, These Are the Voyages.jpg

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