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'Babylon 5: Wheel of Fire (Season by Season Guides)' is a guide for the fifth season of Babylon 5. It contains a synopsis of every episode of the 22 episodes of the fifth season and background information on what went right, what went wrong and memories of how the creators approached storylines and how it fits into the big story arc. The information comes directly from the cast, the directors and the series creator J. Michael Straczynski, who comments on every episode.


On the heels of the fifth and final season of Babylon 5--TV's hottest interstellar science fiction phenomenon--here is the newest volume in the definitive series of episode guides! Catch up on all the action, show by show, from the very beginning with the Babylon 5: Season by Season guidebooks.

As the action surrounding Babylon 5 reaches the boiling point, Babylon 5: The Wheel of Fire sums up the last stunning season of the history-making series that started it all, thus setting the stage for the exciting B5 offshoot, Crusade. Episode by episode, Jane Killick offers a breathtaking look back at all the action, plot twists, and life-altering events that set the stage for the future of the Babylon 5 universe: Byron and his rogue telepaths' demand for a homeworld; Elizabeth Lochley's assignment as captain of Babylon 5; Sheridan's inauguration as president of the uneasy Interstellar Alliance; G'Kar's unwilling ascension to the role of messiah; and clandestine political intrigue on Centauri Prime.

Veteran viewers or first-time fans, relive the adventure--or find out what you've been missing--with the complete companions to Babylon 5!


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