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"The Babylon Station is a place to work out our problems peacefully. It is, we believe our last best hope for peace."

EA President Elizabeth Levy, 2248

The Babylon Stations

Babylon 1

Babylon 1, originally known simply as The Babylon Station, was the first space station built by the Earth Alliance under the Babylon Project. [1] During construction, Babylon 1's infrastructure collapsed and exploded as a result of sabotage. Construction worker Thomas Jordan had just left the station. [2][3] Part of its materials were recycled to construct Babylon 2.

Babylon 2

The second attempted station in the Babylon Project, Babylon 2 was also sabotaged and destroyed, exploding during construction.[3] Part of its materials were also recycled to build the next station.

Babylon 3

Babylon 3 was sabotaged and destroyed, exploding during construction.[3] After it was destroyed, leftover materials were used in the construction of Babylon 4, which were present, even when Babylon 4 came online in 2254. It was believed to be yellow.

Babylon 4

Main article: Babylon 4

Babylon 4 disappeared 24 hours after it became operational.[3]

Babylon 5

Main article: Babylon 5

Babylon 5 was ultimately constructed and was the final Babylon station.


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