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"The Babylon Station is a place to work out our problems peacefully. It is, we believe our last best hope for peace."

EA President Elizabeth Levy, 2248

The Babylon Project was a development of the Earth Alliance that began in 2248, shortly after the resolution of the Earth-Minbari War. The project's goal was to prevent future wars by providing Humans and aliens neutral territory to settle their differences peacefully. Five Babylon Stations were constructed before the success, Babylon 5 came online in 2257 at an enormous cost, the previous four ended in disaster. Having met it's goal in the form of the Interstellar Alliance, the Babylon Project came to an end in 2281 with the decommissioning and scuttling of Babylon 5.


The Babylon Project began in 2248 after the resolution of the Earth-Minbari War, the war itself and its start being inspiration for the projects foundations. The Babylon 1 was the first of the Babylon Stations, and was being constructed by the Earth Alliance when it's infrastructure collapsed due to sabotage. Babylon 2 began shortly after, and was also destroyed during construction when it exploded due to sabotage. A third attempt at the Babylon Project, Babylon 3 had also been sabotaged, and exploded during construction as Babylons 1 and 2. Finally, Babylon 4 was constructed and brought online in 2254 when it disappeared a mere twenty four hours later. The last of the Babylon Stations, Babylon 5 was constructed and placed into orbit of Epsilon III, thanks to the substantial assistance from the Centauri Republic and the Minbari Federation. Babylon 5 came online in 2257 and ultimately served its purpose, being decomissioned in 2281, effectively ending the Babylon Project; there was never another Babylon Station.

The Babylon Stations

The first Babylon Station seconds before it was destroyed.

The forward section of the Babylon station hurtling into space.

  • Babylon 1: Babylon 1, originally known simply as the Babylon Station, was the first space station built by the Earth Alliance under the aegis of the Babylon Project. [1] During construction, Babylon 1's infrastructure collapsed and exploded as a result of sabotage. Construction worker Thomas Jordan had just left the station. [2][3] Part of its materials were recycled to construct Babylon 2.
  • Babylon 2: The second attempted station in the Babylon Project, Babylon 2 was also sabotaged and destroyed, exploding during construction.[3] Materials that survived the station's destruction were used in the construction of Babylon 3
  • Babylon 3: Like the previous two stations, Babylon 3 was also sabotaged and destroyed, exploding during construction.[3] As they had been on the previous station, leftover materials were used in the construction of Babylon 4.
  • Babylon 4: The biggest of all of the Babylon stations, Babylon 4 disappeared 24 hours after it became operational.[3]
  • Babylon 5: Babylon 5 was the final Babylon station constructed, with substantial assistance from the Centauri and Minbari governments.

Babylon Project Logos

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Earth Alliance Station
Babylon 1
Earth Alliance Station
Babylon 2
Earth Alliance Station
Babylon 3
Earth Alliance Station
Babylon 4
Earth Alliance Station
Babylon 5


  • Though only Babylons 1, 4 & 5 were ever seen, it appears as though they were colour coded in spectrum order (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Blue), which would make the unseen Babylons 2 & 3 Orange and Yellow respectively.[4]
  • JMS has stated that the intended design of the first three Babylon stations was the same as that of B4, though none of them got anywhere near completion.[5] However, what little was seen of the (incomplete) Babylon Station in "In the Beginning" shows that it was a somewhat different design than either Babylons 4 or 5, but with a forward section closer in design to that of the latter.


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