The Babylon Project

The Battle for Epsilon III was fought over custody of Epsilon III and the Great Machine on its surface.[1]


Following the discovery of the Great Machine on Epsilon III by Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, Earthforce deployed the EAS Hyperion under the command of Captain Ellis Pierce to support Earth's claim to the Machine. As Pierce discussed sending teams to the surface with Sinclair, suddenly an alien ship jumps into local space. The captain of the alien ship identifies himself as Takarn. He insists that the planet belongs to his people and demand that they be allowed to claim it. They issue an ultimatum with a ten hour limit. Captain Pierce responds by issuing an ultimatum of his own, giving Takarn nine hours to withdraw.

After only a few hours, a ship piloted by Londo Mollari left Babylon 5 and headed for the planet's surface. Outraged by this defiant act, Takarn attacks both the Hyperion and the station.[1]

The Battle[]

Takarn's vessel separates into three units. All three open fire on the Hyperion and Babylon 5. The station and Hyperion launch fighters to attack Takarn's ship and coordinate their fire. Although the Hyperion manages to inflict moderate to heavy damage, the alien attackers score several severe hits on the station.

The battle is suddenly interrupted by an energy discharge from Epsilon III. Draal, the new guardian of the Great Machine, appears in a holographic message to all three combatants, explaining that none of them have a valid claim to the planet and ordering them all to stand down. He warns that any who defy this edict will be destroyed by the planet's defenses.

Despite this, all three components of Takarn's ship begin to move in toward the planet. A massive energy beam erupts from the planet, instantly obliterating all three parts.[1]


All claims to the planet are dropped and the Hyperion withdraws from local space. Babylon 5 adopts a type of "custodianship," ensuring that no one will attempt to land on the planet.[1]