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The Battle of Balos was the final battle of the Dilgar War.

After the battle, The League's warships then entered orbit around the Dilgar homeworld and accepted their unconditional surrender.[1]

Almost all of the War Masters were captured and tried for their crimes during the war, except Jha'dur. It had been believed that Jha'dur -- the most notorious of the Dilgar War Masters -- had been killed during the battle.

As part of that surrender Earth forces blockaded the Dilgar Jumpgate, confiscated all the Dilgar's Quantium 40 supplies as reparations and imprisoned the Dilgar in their home solar system. After the war ended, the Dilgar sun went supernova, wiping out the entire known species.

In 2258, Jha'dur was revealed to be the only Dilgar still alive. She had managed to escape the League's forces and found refuge with the Wind Swords of the Minbari.

Jeffrey Sinclair's father David Sinclair flew for Earthforce during the Dilgar invasion and was there when they liberated Balos. According to Jeffery, his father never forgot what he saw there.[2][1]