The Battle of Beta IX was the battle to liberate Beta IX from Clark-loyalist Earth Alliance forces.[1]

Following the arrest of Captain John Sheridan by Clark's forces, Commander Susan Ivanova continued to lead the push towards Earth. They cornered several Omega class destroyers, including the EAS Damocles and EAS Orion, at Beta IX. They engaged the Earthforce vessels in response to their bombing of civilian targets. Commander Ivanova allowed the Clark-loyalists to take the first shot, then lead the charge to disable all ships.

The battle was over in a matter of minutes, the Omega class destroyers being unequal to the firepower of the White Star fleet. Upon capturing the crew, they found a duty officer aboard the Damocles - David Eisensen - who critical intel to Ivanova in return for leniency for following illegal orders. As it turned out, not all Earthforce personnel who joined the resistance actually joined their, instead playing both sides against the middle, feeding information back to Clark's forces. Clark had laid a trap for Ivanova's fleet with new advanced destroyers that would destroy the Earth vessels accompanying them. With only the White Stars surviving, Clark could make the war seem like an alien invasion rather than a civil war to retake Earth.

After consulting with Capt. James of the EAS Agamemnon, Ivanova decides to leave the Omegas behind and journey forward with only the White Star fleet to combat the threat awaiting them in Sector 300.


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