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The Battle of Gorash VII was the final major battle of the Narn-Centauri War.

Narn intelligence had shown that Gorash VII was lightly guarded and seemed to be the prefect target for a military strike. The Narn hoped that, by uniting most of their remaining warships into a single armada, they could destroy the Centauri supply base and force the Centauri to temporarily halt their advance. This would give the Narn time to regroup and rebuild their forces. The danger of this plan was that, in order to create a fleet large enough to make the assault, the defenses of the Narn homeworld were severely depleted, thereby leaving it open to attack if the Centauri discovered the Narn's plan. Nevertheless, the Narn government decided to go through with the attack, despite warnings from G'Kar.

Unfortunately for the Narn Regime, Lord Antono Refa learned of the upcoming attack and made sure with Londo Mollari's reluctant help that a fleet of Shadow vessels was guarding Gorash while the Centauri fleet headed to the Narn homeworld in order to lay waste to the planet.

The Narn fleet, under the leadership of Warleader G'Sten, was ambushed in orbit around Gorash VII when it exited hyperspace by at least four Shadow vessels. Most of the Narn ships were destroyed in the first few minutes of the engagement. The Shadows themselves suffered no losses, except for one vessel being lightly damaged. Faced with imminent defeat, G'Sten ordered what was left of the Narn fleet to retreat. The Shadow vessels, however, disrupted the ships' jump points, collapsing them. The resulting blast destroyed the retreating Narn ships including G'Sten's.

The destruction of the Narn fleet at Gorash VII all but ensured the Centauri total victory over the Narns. [1]