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The Battle of Mars was one of the final battles of the Earth Alliance Civil War.

During the final phase of the civil war, Mars was protected by over thirty Earthforce destroyers under the command of General Robert Lefcourt aboard the EAS Apollo, with additional support from Earthforce installations on the surface.

As the Martian resistance begins to prepare for the coming battle by scouting the installations and smuggling frozen Shadow-enhanced telepaths onto the Earthforce warships, Sheridan and his fleet also prepare to move in. The White Star fleet and rebel Earth Alliance vessels would lead the attack, while the rest of the fleet would provide flank protection and establish a perimeter. They would not directly engage unless fired upon.

Once everything is prepared, Michael Garibaldi sends word from the planet's surface to the fleet. The battle begins with attacks by the Martian resistance on four of the main Earth Alliance installations and a White Star commanded by Marcus Cole attacking a fifth. Several of Leftcourt's ships move back to the planet, but he orders them to hold position. Meanwhile, the Shadow-enhanced telepaths awaken on Lyta Alexander's signal and begin to take control of the Earthforce destroyers.

Sheridan's forces soon jump into the space around Mars. Before Leftcourt can engage, his ship and many others lose power as the telepaths take control. Those that are not affected are quickly disabled by the White Stars. With opposition from Mars under control, a large portion of Sheridan's fleet makes the jump to Earth, while the rest look after the disabled warships.

Eventually, Leftcourt's command vessel, the EAS Apollo, is repaired and departs for Earth, arriving just in time to save the Agamemnon from destruction as Sheridan prepares to ram a planetary defense satelite that was about to wipe out most of the Eastern Seaboard of North America.[2]