The Babylon Project

The Battle of Quadrant 37 was a Shadow attack on the Narn military base of Quadrant 37, located on the edge of Centauri Republic space. It was arranged in December, 2258 by Mr. Morden in order to strengthen his alliance with Londo Mollari.

Anna Sheridan was the controller of one of the Shadow vessels involved in the attacks. Before coming out of Hyperspace, she had received her orders from The Eye to first destroy the ships in orbit and then subsequently destroy the outpost below. She, along with the other Shadow vessels, made sure that all structures had been completely obliterated.[1]

Ten thousand Narns were killed in the attack. Though Londo was shocked by this "demonstration", he eventually became grateful for Morden's actions as it soon won him fame in the Centauri Royal Court.[2]

The next year, a similar attack, this time on a Narn colony in Quadrant 14, would be arranged by Mollari in order to gain a place in Antono Refa's circle.[3]