The Sector 300 Battle occurred during the Earth Alliance Civil War in November 2261.

Sector 300 was to be used as a final rendezvous point for rebel ships before they were to attack occupied Mars, but spies in the liberation fleet were unfortunately feeding information back to the Earth Alliance and President Clark. Clark arranged for a fleet of advanced model destroyers, using Shadow technology, to ambush the rebels upon their arrival. Their plan was to destroy all human rebels ships, making appear the rebellion an Alien invasion.

Having received information about the ambush, acting fleet commander Susan Ivanova took the White Star fleet to Sector 300 to attack the advanced model destroyers before the rest of the fleet arrived. When the advanced destroyers revealed themselves, arriving from Hyperspace, the captain of the task force demanded the White Star fleet's surrender. Ivanova flatly refused and opened fire on the destroyers.

The Advanced destroyers proved to be formidable foes, inflicting damage or destruction upon many White Stars. However, the White Star fleet managed to outmaneuver and destroy the enemy task force one ship at a time until every advanced destroyer was taken out. Unfortunately, towards the end of the battle, Ivanova's White Star crashed into a piece of debris. Ivanova's ship was badly damaged and Ivanova herself received life-threatening injuries. Marcus Cole carried her off the bridge and they escaped just before the ship exploded.[1]

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