The Babylon Project

The Battle of Sector 49 was a skirmish where Alpha Squadron from Babylon 5 was deployed to prevent an ambush set for an Earthforce Starfury patrol.[1]

President Clark deployed a Starfury squadron to Sector 49 to keep an eye on the local jumpgate, ordered to blockade any ships attempting to travel to or from Babylon 5. This plan was a ruse, as he dispatched a second fighter group consisting of Black Omega Squadron - an elite group attached to Psi Corps - to destroy the fighter squadron in a ruse to discredit the station.

Acting on intel received from Alfred Bester, Commander Susan Ivanova led Alpha Squadron from Babylon 5 out to Sector 49. They arrived just in time to warn the Earthforce patrol that the incoming ships were not transports. Black Omega fighters deployed from the shuttles and attacked the Earthforce fighters. Pooling their forces, Alpha Squadron and the patrol engaged and destroyed Black Omega.

After the battle, the commanding officer of the patrol was surprised to hear that their rescuers came from Babylon 5. Commander Ivanova set the record straight about their supposed-treason against the Earth Alliance. This revelation was repeated back in Earth space, leading to an upset in Clark's plans and forcing him to find a new way to discredit the station.