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An unnamed dead world that was visited by the Excalibur in 2267. It orbits two suns, and has at least two moons.[1]


Once home to an advanced civilization, the native race was mysterious wiped out some time prior to 2267. The final chronicle of the dominant race of the planet was by Belan, who had recorded a video foretelling the deaths that eventually killed his entire species. The death of the species was caused by a Techno-mage who had built a huge computer core and transmitter which activated a nano-virus that caused the population to kill each other.

When the crew of the Excalibur arrived at the planet, searching for a cure of the Drakh plague than had infected Earth, believing it was the same than decimated this world, Galen warned Matthew Gideon not to go down to the planet, and later revealed that other Techno-mages were told to avoid this particular planet for untold reasons. Gideon disregarded the advice and went down to the planet's surface anyway, and soon afterward the landing party began to die mysteriously. Dr. Chambers examined the victim's bodies and found the nano-virus. Galen took a further and closer inspection of the virus, and discovered that it was created by a Technomage. He was then able to successfully destroy the computer core that controlled the nano-virus which rendered it harmless.

In fact, ironically, later the Dr. Chambers managed to collect the nano virus and reprogrammed to protect against the Drakh Plague, temporally.


  • As no on-screen reference was made to the name of this planet, the article is titled Belan's Homeworld for lack of a better descriptor.